How can I check the status of my order?

You can always check on the status of any of your orders by clicking on "My Account" in the upper right corner of our page.

The statuses you will see associated with your order are listed below, along with what they mean.

Let us know if you have any questions or if these aren't clear!

  1. Order placed
    • Your order was just placed and this acknowledges that it got into our system.
  2. Order in shop
    • Usually orders will quickly get to this status.  Order in shop means we've seen your order and have queued it up for manufacturing or will pick the products we have in stock to ship you.
  3. Order in design
    • Here we are programming the mouthpiece design for our machines 
  4. Order in manufacturing
    • Your products are in the process of being made for your order in our shop.
  5. Order in buffing/finishing
    • Your order has been made and is now being finished (buffed, brushed, etc).
  6. Order in cleaning
    • Your products have been made and finished and are now being cleaned.
  7. Order ready to ship to plating
    • If your products are being silver or gold plated, we batch them up together with other orders to send weekly, usually on Wednesday afternoons.  
  8. Order ready to ship to customer
    • Your order is completed and is in the queue to be shipped to you.  You will receive an order update and tracking information when your order ships!
  9. Order at plating
    • Your order has been sent for plating - we usually include a note in the order as to when we expect it back to ship to you.
  10. Order shipped and not paid
    • A completed order has been shipped, but we don't have record of completed payment.
  11. Order shipped and paid
    • Your completed order has shipped and it's been paid for.  All done.
  12. Order awaiting customer pickup
    • Your order is complete and is waiting on you to pick it up (if you requested "Walk In" shipping)
  13. Order waiting on customer input
    • There is a question on your order that we're waiting to hear back from you on
  14. Order waiting on shop work
    • Your order is waiting on some custom tooling we need to make or other miscellaneous shop work
  15. Order in measurement
    • Your mouthpiece or trim parts are being measured for specifications and geometry
  16. Order under review
    1. There is a question or disagreement on an order that needs to be resolved
  17. Order awaiting refund
    • We owe you a refund for returned part
  18. Order canceled
    • An order was canceled and parts returned to our shop, and any payments refunded/settled.