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Do you have a comparison chart for your Signature Trumpet Mouthpieces?

Below is a rough "feel" comparison chart for our Pickett Signature Trumpet Mouthpiece line.

Doc Severinsen L -3D Thin rim, commercial

Doc Severinsen S -3C Thin rim, commercial

Doc Severinsen C- 3C Thin rim, commercial

Allen Vizzutti -2E Soloistic , very focused airstream needed

Rex Richardson Omni - 4B Dark Classical Sound, Bach’ish rim profile

Rex Richardson Omni 2 - 1 1/2C, similar to Mt. Vernon 1 1/5C

Jens Lindemann Wingman - 5C All around mouthpiece

Jens  Lindemann Special - 5CD More efficient 5C, Jens uses for Eb/D trumpet

Jens Lindemann Piccolo - Shallow 9Vm Efficient shallow V setup for piccolo

Mark Ridenour - 1C/1.25C Large orchestral mouthpiece

Vince DiMartino Classical - 5B Smaller inner-diameter

Vince DiMartino Zinger - 5D Efficient, Commercial

Paul Baron Lead - 8DE Smaller diameter, Lead

Paul Baron BC - 8BC Smaller diameter, Classical

Marcus Printup - 3BC Very open , Jazz Soloing

Terell Stafford - 3C Jazz Soloing

Bert Truax - 5BC Classical

Eric Morales - 3C Jazz

Mark Clodfelter -  1C Classical

Roger Ingram Lead - 10 ½ E Small Lead, Tight

Roger Ingram Studio - 10 1/2DE Small Lead, Tight

Roger Ingram Lead 2 - 9DE Small Lead, Tight

Roger Ingram Studio 2 - 9D Small Lead, Tight

Roger Ingram Bebop - 5C range, more efficient

Vintage Maynard - 12E Small Lead, Tight